July 7, 2017

Why “Agile” for Project Manager ?

Why “Agile” for Project Manager ? Evolution of Project Management Common activities of PM ( Traditional) Traditionally PM does many activities….overtime his/her focus went out..
May 9, 2017

Happiness Index – Way to measure

What is Team Happiness Index ? The Happiness Index used to visualize team’s emotions, which intern help teams and management to improve their happiness. The..
May 7, 2017

PopcornFlow Approach

POPCORN FLOW is a method created by Claudio Perrone, the idea is to create a flow of very small, very frequent changes using “POPCORN” Board..
May 4, 2017

Metrics to measure in DevOps

There are many metrics we saw in a traditional world…most of them certainly no longer apply, when we on-boarding DevOps with new development life-cycle (Agile)...
April 8, 2017

Organizing Work space for distributed teams

To reap benefits of distributed agile – team needs diversity of workspace to support all forms of creative work: focus, collaborate, learn and socialize. During..
April 7, 2017

Agile Delivery : Initiation and Release activities

Initiation : Activities Build initial team Identify the project vision   Vision is agreed by all stakeholders Align with organization direction Identify initial technical strategy and..
November 10, 2016

Respect and learn each other’s cultural viewpoints

Cultural differences can play havoc in distributed teams. It is essential to develop empathy with each other cultures and understand individual sensitivities and motivations. For..
June 6, 2016

Encourage maximum collaboration with tools

As agile teams are working from different physical locations, organization has to deploy strong and effective collaboration tools, because it’s observed many times that due..
May 20, 2016

Overlap hours for distributed teams

The time zone differences between onsite (particularly western) client locations and many of the major offshore development sites like India are so huge that, at..
March 6, 2016

Periodic travels – Get together !

To attain collaboration among teams and in building trust in distributed agile team is one of the common challenge; which need to handle with periodic..
September 7, 2015

Leadership with Agile mind-set

The paradigm shift is towards an Agile Leadership where leaders who ‘lead’ rather than ‘manage’, who ‘facilitate’ rather than ‘dictate’ and who rather than merely..
April 7, 2015

Agile Basics

The core of Agile is mindset; the picture below demonstrates the relation of agile mindset, Agile values, principles, methodologies and tools. When a organization work..
April 6, 2015

Challenges of distributed team

Distributed teams face many challenges, especially when working with another software firm for the first time. By understanding these challenges, team can work to find..
March 29, 2015

“Customer Service” Levels

Never rest on past success. Create something better. ~ Ron Kaufman In 2008, attended session from Ron Kaufman as part of company’s “Customer Centricity” thought..
January 17, 2015

Why to distribute agile?

These days’ working with distributed agile teams is reality; according to versionone survey around 57% of agile teams are working in distributed way. Surely there..

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