Periodic travels – Get together !

To attain collaboration among teams and in building trust in distributed agile team is one of the common challenge; which need to handle with periodic travels for face-to-face interactions. Onshore key team member(s) traveling to offshore and vice versa to bring in one team culture – at least one visit per team

  • Offshore team member to travel to onshore and work from there for 4 weeks per release or every six months and then come back to offshore. For the next release the onshore team member to travel to offshore and work from there for 4 week duration. They act as ambassadors for their team and absorb and spread the knowledge in both the shores.
  • Another Option is long term travel (not more than 6 months) to be planned for offshore team member(s) to work and socialize with Product Owner and onshore team. Travel of onshore team members to offshore still happens for 2-4 week duration
  • Plan the travel and visa in advance. Educate the team(s) and customer about the visa rules and restrictions
  • Key and influential offshore team members must be co-located and work with onshore team during the initial planning.
  • Rotation of team members and not just managers between onshore and offshore.

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