Respect and learn each other’s cultural viewpoints

Cultural differences can play havoc in distributed teams. It is essential to develop empathy with each other cultures and understand individual sensitivities and motivations. For example, countries within Asia differ significantly with regard to European or North American culture.

Teams to be sensitive to below cross-culture aspects which would make interactions lot better. 

  • Non verbal Language – Smiles, Haptics, Head & hand gestures, eye contact, speech speed, etc.
  • Ethnicity – Is the characteristics of a person or group, including religion, language, etc.
  • Negotiating styles – competitive, collaborative, direct, etc.
  • Age aspect – Youngsters are obliged to respect the elderly in some cultures.
  • Festivals – Understand importance of each other’s festivals and exchange greetings.

It’s very important that Cross-cultural trainings are arranged at each location, which helps teams to have better interactions in distributed work environment.


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