Work flow: Out-Sourcing Assignment – Project initiation

The Agile work flow help to understand flow of information, artifacts and activities required during between Client and Vendor(s).

  1. Deploy and use Agile management tool (ex: VSTS)
  2. Capture requirements into Product backlog and prioritize; start with epics at-least.
  3. Share the product backlog to Out-sourcing vendor for High level estimation/cost and release plan.
  4. When release date is fixed, then scope will be flexible based on product backlog prioritized items.
  5. Client Product Owner should conduct at-least one high-level requirement grooming session with vendor team.
    • Questions and Clarifications to understand the complexity and amount of work involved.
  6. Client and Out-sourcing vendor discuss the estimation/cost and release plan;
    • Ensure both parties agree to include UAT part of the contract scope.
  7. As per the shared & agreed release plan, Out-sourcing vendor on-boards the resources and prepares for the project start.
  8. Project Kick of Meeting: Handshake of distributed Team pattern (refer my posts related to team patterns), select the metrics, discuss any dependencies…etc.;
  9. Assignment /Statement of Work Sign-off.
  10. Now project is ready for first Iteration.

Given the element provided, discussed and estimated during Iteration 0 ( Product vision, high level requirement & backlog, first prioritization), adequate delivery capacity (team size + number of sprints) is agreed. The issued SOW represent an engagement on this fixed time box.

During the course of Iteration delivery, if a significant change in the vision occur, or if it appears that the velocity and prioritization (choice of scope element to be delivered first) will not bring enough business value, then a formal process will have to be initiated to update/amend Statement of Work (SOW), to reduce or extend the agreed fixed capacity.


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