Work flow: Out-Sourcing Assignment – Iterative delivery

  1. Agile lead prepares Teams skill matrix, so that everyone in the team and the stakeholders understand team competency layout.
  2. Verifies priority order of product order and team provides estimation number for each user-story in VSTS tool; (refer my posts related to estimation techniques)
  3. Iterative planning meeting: Agile lead ensures Team will pull the work from Product backlog to fill-in the Iterative backlog based on team velocity (refer my posts related to Velocity) and Iterative length. 
  4. Agree the scope of Iterative backlog with Product Owner.
  5. Team members now breakdown product backlog item (user story) into number of tasks such as: design, coding, reviews, test, documentation…etc.)
  6. Agile lead creates DoR and DoD checklist, all stakeholders contribute; Agile lead will ensure all checklist items of DoR are Ok before Iteration start. (refer my posts related to DoR )
  7. Start Implementing the tasks part of Iteration.
  8. Team members has make use of Kanban/Scrum board in VSTS tool to show latest status of tasks.
  9. Agile lead conducts daily meetings (Standups) for distributed teams (consider overlapping hours, refer my posts related to overlap hours) and ensures all the members updates task status (Scrum board) in VSTS tool,
  10. Agile lead maintains Impediment tracker with actions, which requires support from client and vendor stakeholders.
  11. Team to agree with product owner, whenever Iteration scope is getting changed.
    • Example: In-Complete or requirement changes may lead Items move back to Product backlog list.
  12. IT-Manager and Product Owner will periodically monitor and review the progress with inputs from Agile lead and using information on VSTS tool; Also helps Agile team to remove the impediments which are in their control.
  13. Team completes all task or Items of Iteration backlog; make preparation for Iteration delivery (internal Release).
  14. Agile Lead encourages team to execute DoD.
  15. Along with Team, the Product Owner and Agile lead plans for Iterative Review / Demonstration of functionality of Iteration to all stakeholders.
  16. Agile lead records all observations/feedback from Iterative Review / Demonstration; as required with actions.
  17. On successful demonstration, team will upload the build-n into build repository.
  18. After Iteration delivery and before initiating next iteration, Agile Lead will conduct retrospective meeting, to understand “What went Well” and “What Could be improved” from each member of agile team.
  19. Now project is ready for next Iteration, when team find product backlog items in product backlog. And repeat steps iterative delivery.
  20. When there are no more product backlog items in product backlog or Product Owner request for major release, Client has to initiate release activities steps

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