PopcornFlow Approach

POPCORN FLOW is a method created by Claudio Perrone, the idea is to create a flow of very small, very frequent changes using “POPCORN” Board with columns according to word “POPCORN” stands for Problems & observations, Options, Possible experiments, Committed, Ongoing, Review, Next.

This method introduce, sustain, and accelerate continuous innovation & change. It promotes ultra-rapid experimentation to make better decisions under uncertainty. 

The method consists of two parts: a decision cycle and a set of principles. 

Decision cycle

PopcornFlow goes by its 7-step decision cycle:

  1. Problems and observations
  2. Options
  3. Possible experiments
  4. Committed
  5. Ongoing
  6. Review
  7. Next
Popcorn Board

Improvement without change is impossible. Yet, most people think about change as big, slow and scary. But what if you could make it infinitely small and learn to evolve fast, almost as fast as some of the most adaptive microorganisms on earth?

Some might think popcorn decision cycle is same as the Deming Cycle ( Plan, Do, Check and Act), is a continuous improvement model but not ! PDCA is about “go slow to go fast” and PopcornFlow tells how we “go fast to learn faster”. It’s about “continuous change” not really about “continuous improvement”.


The decision cycle reveals only part of the story – the machinery. The secret to unleash PopcornFlow lies on its guiding principles:

  1. If change is hard, make it continuous – (The Virus Principle).
  2. It’s not only what you do but also what you learn by doing it that matters – (The Ladder Principle).
  3. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but a shared opinion is a fact –(The Freedom Principle).
  4. It’s not “fail fast, fail often”, it’s “learn fast, learn often” –(The Skateboarder Principle).
  5. Small bets, big win.

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