Three Amigos

The Three Amigos is not just a mediocre 1986 comedy, now it’s a practice to bring-up teams voices from business, development and testing, so they work together to break down work, groom user stories and develop acceptance criteria creating well-formed user stories that help guide the delivery of value. This practice powers-up to build super alignment among the team members.

If we remember….many project meetings are run with representatives from less than three amigos, i.e. either business or test or development is kept out of discussions which leads to requirement ambiguous or bad solution or missing edge test cases. So to build collaboration culture, teams need to consider hosting “three amigos” meetings that include the product owner, a developer and a tester.


It’s best not to bring the whole team into a Three Amigos meetings, though it shouldn’t be restricted to three people. If the team has easy access to other stakeholders who share an interest in the story to be discussed, then bring in a representative in too. This is a great way to fulfill the Conversation part of the 3Cs.

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