Staying Agile in Distributed Environment

Regardless of where the teams are located, adaption to a distributed agile is critical to insure the involvement of key stakeholders, development and product teams and to achieve the benefits of the framework in the projects. It’s important to consider and include practices required for a distributed agile team is critical to all kind of project activities.

Team working in distributed work pattern, required to consider and include best practices of distributed agile.

  1. Define overlap hours
  2. Build team of T-Shaped Skill set
  3. Proxy business representative
  4. Encourage maximum collaboration with tools
  5. Respect and learn each other’s cultural viewpoints
  6. Get together in person with periodic travels
  7. Experienced Agile Lead (/ Scrum Master)
  8. Maintain right ‘information radiators’ well
  9. Implement XP engineering practices
  10. Define clearly ‘Ready’ and ‘Done’
  11. Adopt good branching strategy
  12. Train the team on Agile methodologies and practices

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