Maintain right ‘information radiators’ well

Information Radiators provide an effective way to communicate project status, issues, or metrics using physical boards or digital screens kept at team work areas which are easily accessible to stakeholders by just walking over to the team area and having a look.

Distributed team uses good agile tools which show updated information to team members working in remote location, the information is reviewed / revised every day by team and scrum master ensures all radiators are updated by the team.

Information Radiators examples:

  • Scrum or Kanban Board,
  • Team performance (velocity),
  • Sprint/Iteration burn-down chart,
  • Release burn-up chart,
  • Test – Passing and failing tests, Defects, etc,
  • Impediment tracker,
  • Improvement actions (Iteration wise) from Retro’s,
  • Refined product backlog,
  • Technical architect diagram,
  • User Story mapping,
  • Release Plan,
  • Product vision,
  • etc.

Note too many information radiators become confusing to understand and cumbersome to maintain. If an information radiator is not being updated it should be reconsidered and either changed or discarded.


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