Leadership with Agile mind-set

The paradigm shift is towards an Agile Leadership where leaders who ‘lead’ rather than ‘manage’, who ‘facilitate’ rather than ‘dictate’ and who rather than merely ‘delegating’, ‘roll up their sleeves and get to work’, To perform in an Agile Leadership role, a culture shift and a mindset change is inevitable. The objective is to ‘ensure’ that things happen rather than ‘direct’ it to happen. In practice this may involve facilitating, encouraging and debating, challenging, organizing, creating, visualizing and actual hands on-doing.

These are some of the key characteristics of Agile Leadership:

  • Creating clear vision/mission
  • Create Focus
  • Create a realistic plan
  • Remover of impediments
  • Strive for Continuous improvement
  • Enabling good behaviors
  • Motivating People
  • Celebrate both success and failure (Remember failing early is good!)
  • Enable, Empower and Facilitate
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