Encourage maximum collaboration with tools

As agile teams are working from different physical locations, organization has to deploy strong and effective collaboration tools, because it’s observed many times that due to improper communication, one of the sub/remote-teams will be left out of important discussions. This creates ill will and mistrust, represents a lack of transparency between the remote-teams, creating a rift. Also few ceremonies like daily stand-up meetings are not possible in case of distributed teams, this should be done electronically. Hence, it’s great importance that distributed agile teams use appropriate tools to ensure that communication messages are clear, unambiguous and include all intended recipients.

  • Agile management tools (e.g. CA Agile Central, VersionOne, JIRA, TFS-Agile boards, etc.) to administer task boards, make task status updates, prepare quick reports, etc.
  • Collaboration tools with Instant messaging like Skype, etc.
  • Ability to share and record meetings or discussions (Conf calls).
  • Deploy high bandwidth for video conf and desktop sharing.
  • Online whiteboard sharing with camera to capture.
  Scott Ambler has briefed well in the figure about the communication effectiveness versus communication mechanism to be followed for distributed and co-located teams.


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