Agile Delivery : Initiation and Release activities

Initiation : Activities

  • Build initial team
  • Identify the project vision  
  • Vision is agreed by all stakeholders
  • Align with organization direction
  • Identify initial technical strategy and initial requirements.
  • Create deployment strategy (the act of putting code into different environments) clearly by considering Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, (CI/CD) and Continuous Deployment.
  • Setup the development environment.
  • Secure funding & Identify risks.

Key points:

  • Inception takes around 3 weeks to work on above specified activities.
  • There should be consensus among the stakeholders on the project high-level scope, timeline, constraints and architectural strategy.
  • Ensure to include UAT is included in the contract.
  • Align with rest of organization best they can, to leverage resources like infrastructure, tools, people, etc. 

Release : Activities

  • Ensure the solution is production ready
  • All stakeholders are prepared to receive the solution. (Like: Operation readiness, Train/educate the end-users/stakeholders, etc.)
  • Deploy the solution into the production.

(Like: create batch-files, backup existing system, migration source data with new formats, deploy new solution, execute deployment test, communicate about new release, etc.).

Key points:

  • Mainly to collaborate with external stakeholders.
  • The best practice is to allow the development team to move the code changes and required configurations to UAT and Pre-Prod environments.
  • This period typically extends for at least few days post date of deployment to support and transition the release to stakeholders.

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